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MOS 650x architecture Motorola 6800 architecture Intel 8085 architecture Zilog Z80 architecture All architectures. ... Accumulator -offset Indexed Indirect - the contents of index or pointer register is added to the contents of.

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  • The 8085 Addressing Modes. The instructions MOV B, A or MVI A, 82H are to copy data from a source into a destination. In these instructions the source can be a register, an input port, or an. . 2009. 8. 15. · In the 8085 microprocessor, the MOV instruction copies data between two registers, or between a register and memory. The MVI instruction differs only in that the source data is. Irvine, Kip R. Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers, 2003. Web site Examples 5 Calling a Library Procedure INCLUDE mov eax,1234h ; input argument call WriteHex ; show hex number call Crlf ; end of line • Call a library procedure using the CALL instruction. Some procedures require input arguments. 2019. 9. 25. · 4. It stores the immediate 8 bit data to a register or memory location. Example: MVI B, 05H Opcode: MVI Operand: B is the destination register and 05 is the source data which needs to be transferred to the register. ‘05’. 2017. 8. 27. · Appendix B: 229 8085 Instruction Set by Clock Cycles STACK OPERATIONS PUSH B 12 PUSH D 12 PUSH H 12 PUSH PSW 12 POP B 10 POP D 10 POP H 10 POPPSW 10 XTHL 16.

    Mvi instruction in 8085

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    2020. 11. 12. · Finally multiply it with the amount of time required for each instruction to execute, which is 1/5 µs = 0.2 µs in this case. You can use simulators like this which shows the T states of each instructions and even counts the total number of T states when the code is executed. Here the time delay loop has total ( (4+10)*10 + 7+4+10)*9 = 1449 T.